Usage Directions
  • Cut MagicSponge™ into suitable sizes with a knife.
  • Completely soak MagicSponge™ with water and squeeze out any excess water. (Never use MagicSponge™ with any chemicals or completely dry, best results when very wet.)
  • Gently scrub MagicSponge™ on affected surfaces and dry surface after cleaning. (Gentle scrubbing prolongs the life of MagicSponge™, gradually apply more pressure if stains/graffiti are resistant.)
  • Rinse MagicSponge™ regularly to remove grime trapped.
  • Thoroughly squeeze dry MagicSponge™ and store for reuse in the future.
  • Use and reuse MagicSponge™ until it completely diminishes.


  • Do Not use on any part of the human body and animals
  • Do not ingest
  • Not to be used on electrical appliances
  • Keep safely out of reach from infants and young children
  • Do not expose to fire or excessive heat
  • Use with caution on painted surfaces or glossy plastic surfaces. Test on inconspicuous area beforehand
  • Not suitable for heavy grease stains
  • Heavy scrubbing or use on rough surfaces will shorten the life of MagicSponge
  • MagicSponge will gradually diminish with use