About MagicSponge®

MagicSponge® is a revolutionary cleaning sponge that cleans with water! It is NOT impregnated with any chemicals at all. It is effective on any smooth surface including laminex, glass, plaster, plastic, wood, metal, fibreglass, vinyl, rubber and painted surfaces.

How MagicSponge® works

Cut MagicSponge® into suitable sizes with a knife.
Completely soak MagicSponge® with water and squeeze out any excess water. (Never use MagicSponge® with any chemicals or completely dry, best results when very wet.) Do not use MagicSponge on the skin as it is microscopically abrasive
Gently scrub MagicSponge® on affected surfaces and dry surface after cleaning. (Gentle scrubbing prolongs the life of MagicSponge®, gradually apply more pressure if stains/graffiti are resistant.)
Rinse MagicSponge® regularly to remove grime trapped. Thoroughly squeeze dry MagicSponge® and store for reuse in the future.
Use and reuse MagicSponge® until it completely diminishes.

Cleaning Application

  • Graffiti on walls, tables, laminated partitions, glass windows, colorbond, metal cabinets, etc
  • Removes oxidation (rust marks) from stainless steel sinks, cooking utensils, etc
  • Cleans fatty and scummy deposits off shower screens, ceramic tiles, bathtubs, fibreglass surfaces
  • Easily removes moss and mould from glass windows, outdoor furniture, aquariums, pool covers, boats, BBQ covers, etc