Before attempting any cleaning, usage instructions must be understood


  • Use with plenty of water
  • Scrub gently
  • Apply even pressure on sponge when cleaning
  • Rinse often to remove grime trapped
  • Avoid rough, uneven surfaces
  • Please note that MagicSponge is microscopically abrasive

Cleaning graffiti on tables, walls, etc

  • Strategically place towels, rags to capture and absorb any excess water from cleaning
  • Apply water liberally onto the graffiti. A water bucket will be useful.
  • Soak MagicSponge with water (Best results when very wet)
  • Gently scrub graffiti in to and fro motion (straight line)
  • Gradually increase pressure if graffiti is resistant
  • Check MagicSponge regularly to see if graffiti particles have been transferred onto MagicSponge. If so, graffiti will definitely be removable in time.
  • Rinse any captured grime, stain regularly to wash away grime
  • Wipe dry surface after cleaning

Cleaning Showers

  • Best undertaken when having a shower!
  • Wet all surfaces
  • Gently scrub MagicSponge on shower screens and wall surfaces and finally shower cubicle floors. Try to work the entire surface area as best as possible to produce an even and thorough clean
  • Check for effectiveness by checking deposits on MagicSponge and also by checking the surfaces cleaned. A clean surface is smooth to touch whereas a scummy surface is gritty and 'sticky'
  • Floors are best cleaned by placing one's foot on the MagicSponge and using the foot to 'scrub'
  • Grouting are cleanable using MagicSponge™ but old showers with deep grouting may cause cuts in MagicSponge™ during cleaning.
  • Rinse all surfaces and MagicSponge regularly to remove loosened body fat and soap scum.