Q) What is MagicSponge made of?
A) MagicSponge is made of a Polymer of Melamine resin, a modern high technology plastic.
Q) What makes MagicSponge´┐Ż work so effectively?
A) It is the physical micro abrasive properties of MagicSponge® rather than its chemical properties that gives MagicSponge® its amazing cleaning power. Once combined with water, the open cell structures of MagicSponge® becomes super absorbent. The micro-fibres of the sponge also work to provide high performance and maximum 'contact' hence gentle scrubbing is all that is required as countless fibres work to remove grime, grit or whatever the cleaning requirement may be. It works on a grab, lift and absorb principle. On the other hand, the conventional sponge-scourers utilises tougher bristles to break and lift grime (even the surface it is working on).
Q) Who uses MagicSponge?
A) Wherever and whenever cleaning is required, MagicSponge is surely a handy item to have. Some fanatical cleaners have commented that MagicSponge is the best invention since vacuum cleaners! Painters utilises MagicSponge to clean and prepare wall surfaces prior to painting. Restaurants, motels, schools, universities uses MagicSponge to safely and easily remove offensive internal graffiti in toilets, classrooms, etc.
Q) Can I use chemicals with MagicSponge?
A) Disinfectants and degreasers (dishwashing detergent) can be used with in conjunction with MagicSponge to achieve disinfection or grease cutting more quickly. However, avoid using MagicSponge with bleach or any chemicals that are corrosive. Interestingly, MagicSponge does NOT grow mouldy even when left wet for long periods of time.
Q) How do I prolong the longevity of my MagicSponge?
A) Use plenty of luke-warm water during cleaning. Water acts as a 'lubricant' as well as an absorption medium for MagicSponge. Gentle scrubbing is recommended at all times. Gradually increase pressure if stains are more resistant. An easy method of telling whether a particular stain will be removable is by checking the 'contact' surface of MagicSponge. If a stain, graffiti is removable, it will gradually become more visible as it is 'transferred' onto MagicSponge. Use even pressure to apply sponge to surface. Avoid using MagicSponge on surfaces that are very rough or uneven such as bricks, rough concrete, textured walls. Avoid using MagicSponge with corrosive chemicals such as bleach, acid as these may react with the 'plastic' in MagicSponge. Use and re-use MagicSponge until it completely diminishes! MagicSponge will continue to work until then. Save the raggy used-sponges to clean BBQs, ovens and fireplace glass doors. MagicSponge should last at least 8 cleans in shower/bath tub cleaning provided all instructions are adhered to..
Q) What surfaces should I avoid using MagicSponge on?
A) Avoid using MagicSponge on surfaces that are not water resistant such as textile, carpets, and clothing, unsealed timber and any hot surfaces. Because these surfaces are porous, micro-particles that form the 'grime' or 'stain' may seep into these surfaces making scrubbing with MagicSponge less effective. Care should be taken when using MagicsSponge on glossy plastic surfaces and lightly painted plaster walls as it may dull the appearance of these surfaces. It is advisable to test MagicSponge on an inconspicuous area beforehand. Avoid surfaces that are very greasy. Grease deposited in MagicSponge will clog the very structure that gives MagicSponge its cleaning power. If this occurs simply cut out the portion of MagicSponge that is clogged with grease and reuse. Graffiti sprayed on external brickwork, concrete may need to be removed using specialist labour and chemicals. Avoid using boiling water with MagicSponge as scalding may occur.
Q) Do I need any protective gear when using MagicSponge?
A) The beauty of the product lies in its ability to clean effectively without the use of chemicals. As such the only protective gear likely used are gloves for protection against dirt and grime removed and the dehydrating effect of prolonged exposure to water.
Q) How do I order and pay for MagicSponge?
A) Orders can be emailed, faxed using formal purchase orders. All orders will be promptly despatched. Please allow 5 days for delivery. Approved customers will receive tax invoices at delivery with a 7 day payment term. Overseas orders are also welcomed.
Q) Is MagicSponge harmful to my children, pets?
A) Keep MagicSponge out of young children, infants' and pets' reach as these may accidentally ingest MagicSponge. MagicSponge is not hazardous to touch. MagicSponge can be safely used to clean aquariums, ponds as it is chemical free. Again, care should be exercised as pets may ingest broken bits.
Q) Can I resell MagicSponge?
A) The product almost sells itself! Distributorships are being negotiated throughout Australia. Kindly express any interest formally to obtain distributors' rate, minimum distributor orders and COD payment terms apply.