Cleaning Applications
Education Facilities, Hospitality Venues, Public Facilities, Office Environment, Transportation Facilities, Accomodation Providers, General Domestic Sector

Cleaning Application

  • Graffiti on walls, tables, laminated partitions, glass windows, colorbond, metal cabinets, etc
  • Removes oxidation (rust marks) from stainless steel sinks, cooking utensils, etc
  • Cleans fatty and scummy deposits off shower screens, ceramic tiles, bathtubs, fibreglass surfaces
  • Easily removes moss and mould from glass windows, outdoor furniture, aquariums, pool covers, boats, BBQ covers, etc
  • Scuff marks, texta, crayons, ink marks, white-out, food stains on any smooth surfaces
  • Permanent marker ink on whiteboards
  • General grime on walls, tables, light switches, plastic venetians, showers, cooktops, etc
  • Adhesive residues on filing cabinets, etc
  • Tea & coffee stains on cups, sinks, leather and vinyl
  • Kick marks on vinyl, leather upholstery in cars, homes
  • Luggage and furniture knock-marks in motels, hotels, homes, etc
  • Finger-prints, crayons and other children scribblings on walls at home