Safest classroom graffiti-remover available ?
  • Completely free of chemical hazards, ie. fumes, respiratory irritations, spills, chemical burns and surface discolouration
  • Can be used by students, teachers, lab assistants safely and effortless to clean their immediate surroundings
Environmentally Friendly ?
  • No chemicals at all! Reduces wastes such as discarded sponges, chemical bottles, etc

Ease of use ?
  • Just soak with water and scrub, no training required!
  • Gentle scrubbing makes cleaning easy and less physically demanding
  • Does not visibly mark surfaces cleaned, eg. graffiti, "knock-marks" on walls, etc
  • Can be used by the professiona or novice alike - minimal training required!
Cost Effective ?
  • No chemicals, goggles, masks, respirators, gloves and other scrubbing tools required
  • No damage to paintwork, surfaces cleaned
  • Once implemented, surfaces cleaned will become easier to clean and stay cleaner for longer
Versatile applications ?
  • Can be used safely over various surfaces
  • Will remove the need for most other cleaning utensils - convenient!
  • Can be easily cut to a size that fits the required cleaning application, reducing wastage
  • Can be used by individuals sensitive to chemicals, ie asthmatics